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Samsung has one goal: Creating a smarter, more mobile printing ecosystem for your office, with lower operating costs and higher productivity. With Toner Buzz in your corner, all Samsung dreams are possible!

Samsung is a major innovator in the world of imaging systems. Samsung’s first laser printer debuted in 1990 and its first color laser printer in 2003.

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In 2013, Samsung introduced the world’s first NEC-enabled color laser, and the first printer powered by the Android operating system. Along the way, Samsung earned awards for World’s Fastest A4 copier and Best Energy Efficient Product. In 2017, HP acquired Samsung’s Printer division, a merger that ignited a global renaissance in printing.

Samsung + Toner Buzz = Printer Love!

Toner Buzz is the premier wholesaler of genuine OEM toner. All Samsung toner cartridges that we supply are manufactured by Samsung and come to you in the original, unopened box. Genuine OEM toner cartridges are of superior quality to "compatible" and "remanufactured" toner cartridges and perform better without carrying any risk of malfunctioning and damaging the printer. Every Samsung toner cartridge we sell is a genuine OEM product that will deliver superior text and image quality.


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