How to Choose Toner for Your Printer

How to Choose Toner for Your Printer


Check your printer (and toner) brand

This will be written on the front of your printer in big letters and numbers. For example: Brother MFC 8500 or HP LaserJet 2300d. For more information on printer models and types, explore our Toner Buzz Guide to Printer Brands and Models.


Check your printer type

Do you own a laser printer or an inkjet? Laser printers need toner cartridges, while inkjet printers use ink cartridges.


Find the right toner model for your printer

To find the right toner for your printer simply enter your printer brand and model number in the search box above!

Toner Buzz custom search engine makes finding the right printer cartridge simple. Type your printer model, brand, or series into the finder window and a list of compatible toner cartridges will be displayed.


Consider high-yield for additional value

Ink and toner cartridges usually come in standard and high-yield varieties. High-yield costs a bit more but prints more pages and lowers your overall cost per page.

Why Buy Toner From Toner Buzz?

Toner Buzz only sells genuine, OEM toner at shockingly low prices. That means you’re getting the best product for your printer at the most competitive prices. Plus, Toner Buzz offers FREE SHIPPING! You pay $0!

Whether you’re looking for an OEM ink or toner, Toner Buzz makes the buying process simple. We have genuine supplies for all major laser and inkjet printer manufacturers.

Money-Back Guarantee!

Toner Buzz wants you to be happy with your toner cartridge or any other item you purchase from us. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee. (The warranty is limited on ink cartridges since they have a shorter shelf life.) Toner and laser printers are our bread and butter, and your printer is our best friend!

Toner FAQ

What Is Toner In A Printer?

Toner is what a laser printer uses to print text and images. The laser printing process is fascinating, and we’re not just saying that because we’re printer geeks!

Printer toner

Designs vary according to the manufacturer, but most toner cartridges look something like this.

What Is Toner Made Of?

Toner is basically plastic dust with some added ingredients to help it adhere to the paper and prevent the toner from clumping.

When Do I Need To Replace My Toner?

You need a replacement toner cartridge when your printouts and text get faint. Your printer will likely issue a “low toner” warning before you run out completely.

Do I Buy Color Cartridges or Just Black?

Open your laser printer so you can see the toner cartridges. If there is only one cartridge in there, you have a monochrome printer. If there are four cartridges you have a color printer. Consequently, you could send a color photo to the printer and see if it prints in color or black-and-white to determine if you have a color or monochrome printer.

What Colors Do Toner Cartridges Come In?

Color laser printers need four standard color toner cartridges: black (K), cyan (C), yellow (Y), and magenta (M). Monochrome laser printers only use black toner.

Why Is Toner More Expensive Than Ink?

While ink cartridges are priced lower than toner cartridges, they print far fewer pages.

What Kind of Page Yield Should I Look For?

You need to decide how frequently you will be printing and if your printer offers high-yield or extra high-yield toner cartridges. If you print a high volume of pages, invest in a high-yield or extra high-yield toner cartridge. High-yield and extra high-yield cartridges contain more toner, last longer, and deliver more printed pages.

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Does Toner Buzz Sell Compatible or Remanufactured Toner?

No. Toner Buzz only sells toner manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Our 20 years in the toner industry has taught us that OEM toner cartridges deliver superior text and image quality, sharper color, and more pages per cartridge.

Check out the following resources for more information:

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Should I Buy a Single Cartridge or a Combo Pack?

In general, combo packs will save you money. Combo packs of two or more toner cartridges are available for both color and monochrome laser printers.

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