Brother TN330 vs TN360 Toner (What’s The Difference?)



If your Brother laser printer runs out of black toner often, it’s time to reconsider your printing habits and opt for genuine Brother toner cartridges that better suit your needs.

Most printers are compatible with a few cartridge models - but they are often sold at different prices. Why?

When we boil it down, the most significant difference between Brother TN330 vs TN360 is the page yield per cartridge. 

The former gets you to around 1,500 pages per toner, while the latter will last for about 2,600 pages of text.

But how do you choose the right one for your printer? Here’s the best place to start:

Toner page yield tells you how many pages you can print with your new cartridge.

Toner page yield tells you how many pages you can print with your new cartridge.

How Many Pages Can Your Print?

To make sure that every toner cartridge comes with a near-perfect page yield rating, Brother makes sure their toner quality falls under the ISO/IEC 19752 standard. 

In simple terms, a set of printing standards that dictate how toner cartridge yield is rated globally.

In practical terms - when the label on the toner says 1,500 pages, it means 1,500 pages of 5% coverage. This percentage represents a typical page of text.

So, how many pages can I print with these two toners? Let’s see:

  • TN330 is what we call a standard-yield cartridge - it brings about 1500 pages of text.
  • TN360 is like 330’s big brother - this high-yield cartridge gives you up to 2600 pages.

Since the only obvious difference between TN330 and TN360 toner cartridges is the page yield (aka toner amount), it’s hard to tell which is the better option.

But, the answer lies right there with your printing habits, alongside a bit of math. The TN330 is budget-friendly if you’re printing low volumes.

It’s simple - you only pay for what you need. If you don’t see yourself printing piles of text anytime soon, TN330 is the smart choice.

On the other hand, if you plan to print more than 2,000 pages of text, the bigger TN360 cartridge becomes the cost-efficient choice.

Keep in mind, these cartridges, despite the different print volumes they offer, occupy the same physical space inside the printer. 

So, there are some nuances to this TN330 vs TN360 dilemma, (besides standard vs high yield).

Brother TN330 and TN360 toner cartridges side by side.

Brother TN330 and TN360 toner cartridges side by side.

Which One is Better for The Environment?

With your documents all printed out and toner used up, the cartridge often ends up on the landfill.

For almost double the amount of toner that TN360 delivers, the amount of waste remains the same. All thanks to the equal sizes of these cartridges. In fact, they look identical on the outside.

In reality, if you decide to get the TN360, you’re picking the environmentally-friendly option. 

You’d be getting a larger amount of toner for the same amount of plastic used, which is more than preferable nowadays.

Luckily, both of these cartridges are accepted to Brother’s official recycling program!

Brother Printer Models That Use TN330 and TN360

TN330 vs TN360 - Final Thoughts

When it comes to printing volume comparisons like the TN330 vs TN360, it all boils down to your printing habits. 

For a smaller office, a 1,000-page yield may not be that much, while some working spaces go over that number multiple times.

But, if printing is a part of your daily life, going with the TN360 might not only be the cost-effective choice, but also the eco-friendly one.

Get yours today - we offer both TN330 and TN360 and deliver them right to your doorstep!

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Dunja Djuragic

Dunja Djuragic

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