TN730 vs TN760: Comparing Brother Printer Cartridges



You love your Brother laser printer like … like a brother!

And you love genuine Brother toner cartridges to keep your Brother laser printer running smoothly. 

But which toner cartridges should you buy, the beloved TN730 or the mighty TN760?

Let’s take a closer look at these popular Brother replacement toner cartridges.

TN760 vs. TN730 — A Tale Of Two Toners

The Brother TN 730 toner cartridge and the TN760 toner cartridge are like … brothers! (Ah, that joke never gets old!) 

The TN760 is the big brother; the TN730 is the little brother.

Both toner cartridges contain only black toner. 

These cartridges appear interchangeable — if your printer accepts a TN730 replacement toner cartridge it will accept a TN760 as well.

Brother TN730 and TN760 cartridges can be used in the following Brother printers:

Brother TN-730 Standard Yield Toner and Package

The Brother TN-730 — an affordable, standard yield replacement toner cartridge.

Page Yield vs. Price

The difference between the Brother TN730 and TN760 is page yield and price.

The TN730 costs less, but prints fewer pages compared to the TN760.

The TN730 is a standard capacity toner cartridge that has a print yield of 1,200 pages.

The TN760 is a high capacity toner cartridge that has a print yield of 3,000 pages.

Simply put, the TN760 has more toner powder in its cartridge than the TN730. 

How much more? 

Approximately twice as much.

Brother TN-760 High-Yield Toner and Package

The Brother TN-760 — a high-yield replacement toner cartridge that delivers a lot of bang for your buck!

Want a toner that can print even more pages than TN760? Check out Brother TN770 vs TN760 (Toner Comparison)

Purchasing Advice — TN730 vs. TN760

So, should you buy the TN730 or TN760?

If you can afford it, buy the TN760. You’ll be able to print more pages at a lower cost per page.

In a practical sense, it will take more time before your cartridge runs dry, you can wait longer between reorders, and you’ll print more than double the amount of pages with a TN760 replacement cartridge without having to pay double.

A Look At Cost Per Page

Let’s break it down.

If you shop Toner Buzz, and you should, you can pick up a Brother TN730 replacement cartridge for $52. 

Toner Buzz sells a Brother TN760 replacement cartridge for $84.

Let’s do math!

If it costs $52 to print 1,200 pages, that breaks down to approximately four cents per page.

If it costs $84 to print 3,000 pages, that breaks down to approximately three cents per page.

The actual difference between the TN730 vs. the TN760 is closer to 1.5 cents per page, so, over time, sticking to the higher yield TN760 will save you money.

Want to save even more money? Keep your printer rollers clean and properly store your toner cartridges — they can last a lifetime!

Replacing Your Brother Toner Cartridges

Replacing Brother toner cartridges isn’t difficult. You must have access to the printer’s front panel, where the cartridges are stored.

Follow these steps to replace your Brother TN730 or TN760 cartridges.

  • Turn on your printer
  • Open the front panel
  • Release green lever to unlock the toner cartridges
  • Remove old toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from the printer
  • Insert the new Brother toner cartridge into the drum unit until it locks in place
  • Slide the green corona wire tab on your new cartridge back and forth several times to clear the cartridge for use
  • Slide the green corona wire tab until the arrow on the tab aligns with the arrow on the drum unit.
  • Close the front panel
  • Your printer will return to “ready” mode

Brother’s Commitment To Quality

Brother started in 1954, selling typewriters and other office supplies. 

The company embraces technology and has grown into one of the world’s premier providers of office supplies for home and business. 

Brother printers revolutionized the imaging industry and the attention to detail that goes into its printers is reflected in the quality of its toner cartridges like, the TN730 and the TN760.

Constant innovation at Brother paved the way for high-end printers like the Brother MFC-L2750DW XL and the Brother HL-L2370DW

The company keeps an eye on quality at every level of production, including its replacement toner cartridges. 

The Brother TN730 and TN760 replacement cartridges feature the most advanced technology ever used in cartridge and drum design.

Brother replacement cartridges are specially formulated to work in specific models of Brother printers. Original OEM Brother replacement cartridges are designed to deliver top-quality, consistent prints.

If you use  third party replacement cartridges your print quality and functionality will suffer! 

Genuine Brother replacement cartridges are the best choice for your Brother printer. Brother offers both the TN730 and TN760 to meet any printing budget. 

Plus, any Brother TN730 or TN760 you buy from Toner Buzz is guaranteed to work perfectly!

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Rob Errera

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