Brother TN770 vs TN760 (It’s Not All About The Yield)



If you find yourself replacing toner on your Brother printer often, you might want to reconsider your printing needs, and by extension - how much toner you get in your cartridge?

Just a glance at Brother  TN770 vs TN760 is enough to see that one gives you more pages per cartridge, but that’s not all.

The situation is a bit different when it comes to the super-high-yield TN770 toner.

Some Brother printer users complained about the lack of interchangeability of these two cartridges.

So, what gives?

TN770 and TN760 Differ in Page Yield

TN770 and TN760 differ in page yield - but that’s not the only relevant difference.

High-Yield vs Super-High-Yield

Let’s talk about the obvious first - the TN770 is vastly superior to TN760 when it comes to page yield. We are talking about the ratings of:

  • 4,500 pages per cartridge in TN770
  • 3,000 pages per cartridge in TN760

Of course, this rating is based on the ISO/IEC 19752 standard, which makes everyone measure page yield in the same, standardized way.

In practice, a yield of 3,000 pages means three thousand pages with 5% coverage. This percentage is the closest to a regular page of text printed in black.

What does that mean in real, tangible costs?

Cost Per Page - The Brass Tacks of TN770 vs TN760

Now, let’s talk numbers. If we consider the rated yield of these two toners, and we factor in their price, we can directly compare their  prices per page.

Brother TN-760 Toner Package

Brother TN-760 toner package and the toner itself.

The TN760 toner (rated at 3,000 pages per full toner) comes down to ~ 2.6¢ is the cost of a single page (5% coverage, remember!).

On the other hand, the TN770 toner (rated at 4,500 pages per full toner) brings that cost down to 2.5¢.

If you print more than about 3,000 pages, this makes TN770 the cost-efficient option. If you print more than about 3,000 pages, this makes TN770 the cost-efficient option. If you print up to 8 pages per day, this toner can last you for over a year.

But, there’s a catch…

Brother TN-770 Toner Package

Brother TN-770 toner and package.

Can I Use TN770 in my Brother Printer?

TN770 and TN760 don’t exactly fit the same Brother printers.

With TN760 and its smaller counterpart TN730, you could simply upgrade to a toner with a higher yield. 

The list of models that support TN770 and TN760 isn’t exactly the same, although there is an overlap.

The super-high-yield TN770 can be used in far less printers than the high-yield TN760, see the table below.

List of Brother printers Works with TN770 Works with TN760
DCP-L2550DW / Yes
HL-L2350DW / Yes
HL-L2370DW Yes Yes
HL-L2370DW XL Yes Yes
HL-L2390DW / Yes
HL-L2395DW / Yes
MFC-L2710DW / Yes
MFC-L2750DW Yes Yes
MFC-L2750DW XL Yes Yes
MFC-L2690DW / Yes
MFC-L2730DW / Yes
MFC-L2717DW / Yes

Brother TN770 vs TN760: The Verdict

In the end, the decision should come down to your printing habits and the printing you need to do without replacing the toner too often. If your printer is eligible to use the TN770, you’ll be getting an upgrade if you opt in.

As long as you use genuine Brother toner, you’ll be satisfied with both TN770 and TN760. But, if you plan to print north of 3,000 pages, the TN770 is the budget-friendlier, and eco-friendlier choice!

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Dunja Djuragic

Dunja Djuragic

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