HP Toner Cartridge Low? How to Override (and Keep On Printing!)



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Overriding the ' Toner Low' warning on your HP printer is generally not recommended as it can cause poor print quality and damage your printer. 

However, if you decide to proceed, follow these simplified steps:

  1. Tap Setup on the Home screen.
  2. Go to System Setup > Supply Settings.
  3. Choose Black Cartridge or Color Cartridges.
  4. Select Very Low Setting.
  5. Options:
    • Continue: Continues printing despite low toner.
    • Prompt: Stops and suggests replacement; adjust the reminder frequency.
    • Print Black: Continue in black only if color is low.

Not Recommended: Override “Low Toner” Message

If your HP laser printer displays a 'Toner Low' message, it may cease printing. While overriding the low toner warning on HP cartridges is technically possible, it is generally not recommended. 

The low toner warning is designed to alert you when toner levels are low. Laser printers need a modest-yet-consistent diet of printer toner.

Overriding the low toner warning may lead to degraded print quality, as the cartridge might lack sufficient toner to produce clear and consistent prints. 

Additionally, continuing to print with low toner levels can damage your printer.

However, read on if you still wish to proceed.

How To Override the Low Toner Warning on HP Laser Printers

To override the 'Toner Low' message and make changes to your Supply Settings options in your printer’s System Setup, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and touch the Setup button on the printer control panel's Home screen.
  2. From the options displayed, select System Setup.
  3. In the System Setup menu, find and select Supply Settings.
  4. Depending on your printer, choose either Black Cartridge or Color Cartridges.
  5. Look for the Very Low Setting option and select it.
  6. You will get the following choices:
    • Continue: This option will set the printer to alert you when the print cartridge is very low, but it will continue printing.
    • Prompt: By selecting this option, the printer will stop printing and suggest replacing the print cartridge. You can acknowledge the warning and continue printing or choose to be warned after a certain number of pages (e.g., 100 pages, 200 pages, 300 pages, 400 pages, or never).

      Note: The default prompt option is usually set at 100 pages. However, please be aware that this option is provided for your convenience and doesn't guarantee acceptable print quality for those pages.
      You can turn the default setting on or off at any time, and it does not require re-enabling when installing a new print cartridge.

    • Print Black: If you select the Color Cartridges menu, use the Right Arrow to navigate and choose Print Black. This option will alert you when the print cartridge is very low, allowing you to continue printing in black only.

The printer will now continue printing even if the toner level is low.

Managing Toner Alerts and Warranty Insights

  • You can purchase a genuine OEM cartridge from Toner Buzz! Once you have installed the new HP toner cartridge, the low toner warning will be reset.
  • The exact steps may vary depending on the model of your HP laser printer. Consult your printer's manual for specific instructions.
  • If your printer has a 'Toner Save' or 'EconoMode' setting, enabling this feature can extend the life of your toner when running low.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the printer can lead to more accurate toner level readings and better overall printer performance.
  • Once the HP print cartridge reaches Very Low, the HP Premium Protection Warranty ends. The Premium Protection Warranty guarantees HP toner cartridges are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products that exhibit wear from ordinary use, which includes reaching the Very Low toner warning message.


You can turn off the low toner warning by accessing the printer's settings or through your computer’s control panel. Consult your printer's user manual or visit the official HP support website for instructions.

But remember, tampering with the printer's settings or using the printer with low toner levels may void your HP warranty. 

Replacing the toner cartridge when the low toner warning is triggered is generally recommended to ensure optimal print quality and avoid potential issues.

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