How To Extend Life of Brother Toner Cartridge


Brother toner cartridges are essential components of laser printers, and prolonging their lifespan can result in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

This guide focuses on practical strategies to extend the life of your Brother toner cartridge.

Optimize Print Settings

Adjusting your print settings is a fundamental step in toner conservation. Experiment with the following options:

Enable Toner Save Mode

Enable the toner save mode in your printer settings. This mode uses less toner for printing, although print quality might be slightly compromised.

To enable the toner save mode on your Brother printer, follow these general steps:

➜ Through Printer Driver

  • Open the print dialog in your application (Ctrl + P on Windows, Command + P on macOS)
  • Then click on Printing Preferences or Print Settings.
  • Look for an Advanced" or Advanced Settings tab in the Printing Preferences window.
  • Within the Advanced Settings, search for an option related to Toner Save Mode, Economy Mode, or similar toner-saving settings.
  • Check the box or toggle the option to enable Toner Save Mode.
  • Click Apply or OK to confirm the changes.
  • Close the Printing Preferences window.

Enabling the Toner Save Mode on a Brother printer using the Windows operating system. Image from Brother's official website.

➜ Through Control Panel

  • Press + or - to select General Setup. Press OK.
  • Choose Ecology by pressing + or -. Press OK.
  • Press + or - to opt for Toner Save. Press OK.
  • Select Off or On, then press OK.

Grayscale Printing

When color isn't necessary, select grayscale or black and white printing. This prevents unnecessary usage of color toner.

Careful Usage and Maintenance

Regular usage and proper care play a pivotal role in extending toner cartridge lifespan.

  • Regular Printing: Print a few pages periodically to prevent toner from settling and clumping during extended idle periods.
  • Cartridge Cleaning: Gently clean the toner cartridge's exterior to prevent dust buildup, which can affect print quality.

Wise Storage 

Proper storage and using genuine components add to the longevity of your toner cartridge.

  • Optimal Storage: Store spare cartridges in a cool, dry area, shielded from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Genuine Cartridges: Choose authentic Brother toner cartridges meant for your printer model. They ensure compatibility and top performance.

Additional Techniques

Consider employing extra measures to further enhance cartridge lifespan.

  • Drum Unit Window Covering: Use masking tape to cover the drum unit's "window" when not in use. This helps prevent light exposure that might affect the drum's performance.
  • Firmware Updates: Regularly inspect print quality, and stay updated with printer firmware for potential optimizations that improve toner efficiency.


In summary, extending the life of your Brother toner cartridges through thoughtful printing practices and careful maintenance not only  saves costs but also aligns with sustainable printing principles. 

These simple yet effective steps contribute to both economical and environmental well-being.


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