HP Printer Offline Fix: How To Get Your Printer Back Online



If you've recently replaced your HP toner or ink cartridge and suddenly noticed your printer has gone offline, don't worry. This can occur due to various reasons, such as connection issues, settings configurations, or compatibility problems.

Don't worry. Try these troubleshooting steps to fix it, get it back online, and print again.

How To Get Your Offline HP Printer Back Online

There are several ways to get your offline HP printer back in the game. Follow the steps below!

Check the Printer Connection

  • Check that your printer is connected correctly to your computer or wireless network.
  • If it's a USB connection, ensure the cable is securely plugged into the printer and computer.
  • Ensure the printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network if it's wireless.

Restart Your Devices

  • Restart your printer, computer, and router. Sometimes a simple restart can fix connectivity issues.

HP Printer Is Offline Fix [5 Solutions 2023]

Set the Printer as Default

  • Open your computer’s "Control Panel.”
  • Go to "Devices and Printers."
  • Right-click on your HP printer and select "Set as Default Printer."
  • This ensures that your computer recognizes the printer as the default device.

Check Printer Status

  • Open your computer’s "Control Panel.”
  • Go to "Devices and Printers."
  • Right-click on your HP printer and select "See what's printing."
  • Check for any print jobs stuck or pending in the print queue window. If yes, cancel them.

Restart the Print Spooler Service

  • Press the Windows key + R, type "services.msc," and hit Enter.
  • In the Services window, scroll down and find "Print Spooler."
  • Right-click on "Print Spooler" and select "Restart."
  • This will refresh the print spooler service, which can often resolve offline issues.

Update Printer Driver

  • Visit the HP website and search for the latest driver for your printer model.
  • Download and install the latest version of your printer driver.
  • Updating the driver can fix compatibility issues and improve printer performance.

Updating Printer Firmware

  • Visit the HP website and search for the latest firmware version for your printer model.
  • Download the latest firmware version for your printer and install.
  • Updating the firmware can address compatibility issues, improve performance, and enhance the overall functionality of your printer.

Disable Use Printer Offline

  • Open your computer’s "Control Panel.”
  • Go to "Devices and Printers."
  • Right-click on your HP printer and uncheck "Use Printer Offline" if it's enabled.
  • Turning off this option should bring the printer back online.

Check Firewall and Antivirus Settings

  • Turn off your firewall and antivirus software to check if they block the printer's connection.
  • If the printer comes online after disabling the security software, adjust the settings to allow printer communication.

Clear the Print Queue

  • Open the Printers & Scanners window in Windows.
  • Click on your printer and then click on the Manage button.
  • Click on the Open Queue button.
  • Select all the print jobs in the queue and then click the Delete button.

Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor, download it from the HP website, and run it on your computer.
  • The HP Print and Scan Doctor will scan your printer for problems and will try to fix them automatically.

How To Fix HP Printer Offline Error (Windows/Mac)

A Final Word on Fixing Your Offline HP Printer

If none of these steps resolve the offline issue, you may need to consult HP printer support for further assistance in getting your HP printer to print.

Remember, refer to your printer's manual for specific troubleshooting steps related to your printer model.

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

Rob Errera is an award-winning journalist embedded in the world of printers and printing supplies. Rob has nearly two decades of experience writing about cutting edge technology, business trends, and the ever-evolving industry of printing.

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