Do Brother Printers Come With New Toner?

Do Brother Printers Come With New Toner?

When purchasing a new laser printer, one of the questions that often arises is whether the printer comes with a new toner cartridge included in the box.

This is an important consideration because the availability of a toner cartridge with your new printer can affect your initial printing experience and costs.

The Inclusion of Toner Cartridges Varies by Model

Yes, Brother laser printers typically come with new toner cartridges included. 

However, the specific toner cartridges and their yields can vary depending on the printer model.

Below are some examples of what you might expect.


Brother HLL3290CDW:

  • This printer includes a set of starter toner cartridges in the box, consisting of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges.
  • Each of these starter toner cartridges has an approximate page yield of 1,000 pages.

The Brother HLL2370DW:

  • The Brother HLL2370DW comes with one starter toner cartridge included.
  • The included starter toner cartridge is estimated to yield approximately 700 pages.

Brother HLL5200DW:

  • With the Brother HLL5200DW, you will receive one standard yield toner cartridge in the box.
  • This standard yield toner cartridge is expected to yield approximately 3,000 pages.

How To Check What Comes With Your New Brother Printer

‘What's Included' section for Brother HLL2300D printers, detailing the contents of the printer package.

To determine whether a specific Brother laser printer model comes with a toner cartridge and what type of cartridge it includes, you should check the product details provided by the manufacturer on their official website.

Additionally, when purchasing the printer from a retailer or online store, carefully review the product listing to understand what is included in the package.


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