Brother Toner Continue Mode Explained


Quick Answer:

Brother Continue Mode is a feature found in some Brother printers that allows you to continue printing even after the control panel displays a "Replace Toner" indication.

Understanding Brother Toner Continue Mode

Brother Continue Mode is a handy feature in some Brother printers that lets you keep printing even when the printer says the toner is low. 

Normally, when your printer's toner gets low, it stops printing and tells you to replace the toner. But with Continue Mode, you can tell your printer to keep going.

When To Use Continue Mode

Continue Mode is useful in situations where you need to continue printing despite a low toner warning.

Here are some scenarios where you might use it:

  • Drafts and Internal Documents: When printing drafts, internal documents, or documents that don't require top-notch print quality, Continue Mode can help you finish the print job without interruption.
  • Extended Printing: If you're in the middle of a long print job and run out of toner, Continue Mode can allow you to complete the job without wasting paper or time.
  • Temporary Solution: It's essential to note that Continue Mode is a temporary solution. It may affect print quality, so it's not recommended for important documents or high-quality prints.

Status Indicators

In Continue Mode, your Brother printer will continuously display toner-related status messages through the Status Monitor or the printer's control panel. 

These messages may include Toner Low, Replace Toner, or Toner Ended, providing you with information about the remaining toner levels.

Note: Some users might think that Continue Mode can fix issues like cartridge recognition or firmware update problems, but its main function is to extend the life of the toner.

End of Continue Mode

Continue Mode stays active until the toner cartridge reaches the end of its operational life. 

When this happens, you'll receive a Toner Ended message, signaling that the toner cartridge has reached its maximum lifespan

To resume high-quality printing, you will need to replace the toner cartridge with a new genuine Brother toner cartridge.

How To Enable Continue Mode

  • Press the Menu button on your printer.
  • Use the Up or Down arrow keys to find General Setup, then press OK.
  • Scroll with the Up or Down arrow keys until you locate Replace Toner and press OK.
  • Use the arrow keys again to choose Continue. This setting allows the printer to keep printing even when the toner is low.
  • Press the 'Stop/Exit' button to save your settings and exit the menu.

The exact steps can vary slightly depending on the specific model of the printer.

How To Enable Continue Mode on a Brother Printer

How To Disable Continue Mode

To switch back to the default setting where the printer stops when the toner is low:

  • Press the Menu button on your printer.
  • Navigate to General Setup
  • Access Replace Toner - Scroll using the Up or Down arrow keys to get to Replace Toner. Press OK.
  • With the arrow keys, select Stop. This returns the printer to its default setting, stopping printing when the toner level is low.
  • Press 'Stop/Exit' to save the changes and leave the menu.


In summary, Brother's Toner Continue Mode is a useful feature that allows printing when toner is low.

However, it's important to understand that it's a temporary fix and could affect how good your prints look.


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