Cheapest HP Printer Cartridges [Ink & Toner]


Quick Answer:

  • Cheapest HP toner cartridge: The CC530A (HP 304A) stands out, costing only $0.028 per page

  • Cheapest HP ink cartridge: The C9412A (HP 38) is notably affordable, with a cost of just $0.013 per page

How we determine the cheapest HP cartridges: 
We calculate the cost per page by dividing the cartridge price by its estimated page yield.

How We Determined the Best Value for Money 

HP is popular for its quality, but their cartridges can be expensive. We searched for the best HP toner and ink deals, comparing prices and page yields in our stock.

Our method was easy but worked well: we calculated the cost per page by dividing the price of each cartridge by its projected page yield.

It's important to note that this method isn't a flawless representation of the total printing costs, as it doesn't include the price of the paper used. However, it does provide a clear picture of  which cartridges offer the most value for your money

➜ Cheapest HP Toner Cartridges

Here is a selection of some of the most affordable HP toners:

HP Cartridge Price Page yield Cost per page Compatible with
CF248A (HP 48A) $54.00 1,000 $0.054
W2310A (HP 215A) $52.99 1,050 $0.050
CF217A (HP 17A) $69.95 1,600 $0.043
CC530A (HP 304A) $99.00 3,500 $0.028
W2110X (HP 206X) $103.99 3,150 $0.033

➜ Cheapest HP Ink Cartridges

Here is the list of some of the cheapest HP ink cartridges:

HP Cartridge Price Page yield Cost per page Compatible with

C4902AN (HP 940)    




CN049AN (HP 950)

$38.93 1,000 $0.039

51640A (HP 40A)

$43.00 1,100 $0.039

C9412A (HP 38)

$44.67 3,300 $0.013

Where To Find Affordable HP Cartridge

There are many places that offer cheap cartridges, and compatible cartridges are generally cheaper than original ones. However, we recommend using genuine  HP cartridges for the best results.

If you're in search of affordable HP cartridges,  Toner Buzz stands out as a premier choice

At Toner Buzz, we offer a wide array of genuine HP cartridges at competitive prices, making it possible for you to enjoy high-quality products without stretching your budget. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our reliable service and authentic products, serving the needs of both individual users and businesses alike.

How To Find Affordable HP Cartridges at Toner Buzz

While we suggest using our cost-per-page method to find cheap HP cartridges, we know some customers just look for the lowest price.

For those looking to quickly find budget-friendly options, here are some easy steps to follow at Toner Buzz:

  • Visit the homepage
  • If you're looking for HP toner, simply type "HP toner cartridge" in the search bar.

Toner Buzz search bar

  • Click on the "HP toner" section to be directed to a page with different options.
  • On the left side, select 'HP' as the brand type and set your price range.

Happy printing!

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