How To Recycle Brother Cartridges


Quick Answer:

To recycle your Brother cartridges through Brother's recycling program:

  • Go to Brother's recycling page and create a free shipping label
  • Enter cartridge details to confirm its authenticity
  • Print the label and stick it on your package
  • Take your package to any US Postal Service drop-off location near you

Recycling Brother Toner Cartridges

Recycling Brother toner cartridges is a simple way to help the environment every time you use one. You can recycle your Brother toner cartridges in different ways.

Here are some practical approaches to consider:

➜ Check for a Recycling Program

Many printer manufacturers, including Brother, have established programs to help customers recycle their used printer cartridges.

These programs often provide prepaid shipping labels or collection points where you can drop off your used cartridges.

Here's how you can recycle Brother cartridges through their recycling program:

  • Reuse the shipping box from your new Brother cartridges to package your used toners securely.
  • Go to Brother's recycling page and click Print a Free Shipping Label.

Creating a Brother Smart Label

  • You'll see this window:

Login or create an account to register your Brother products for the recycling program

  • If you have a Brother account, log in to create a free shipping label.
  • If you're not a Brother account holder, click on "Create Account" to register your cartridges and print labels.
  • Enter the required cartridge information and confirm that you are returning genuine Brother cartridges.
  • Then, click Submit.
  • The custom shipping label will be sent to the email address you've provided.
  • Print the label and attach it to your package, ensuring it's visible to mail carriers.
  • You can drop your package off anywhere in the US Postal Service mail system. No additional postage or insurance is needed, as Brother has prepaid the shipment.

Note: It is not in line with USPS regulations to make photocopies of a SmartLabel and reuse it. You should create a new SmartLabel for every return shipment.

Challenges With Brother Recycling

While the Brother recycling service is designed to be easy and free, we came across negative reviews during our research.

Some users have mentioned issues such as unclear instructions on where to send back empty cartridges, incomplete or hard-to-spot return labels on packaging, and inconsistent experiences with customer service regarding recycling information.

These points suggest that while the initiative is appreciated, making instructions clearer and the process easier could really help.

➜ Use Local Recycling Services

If Brother does not offer a recycling program in your area, explore local recycling services. 

Many communities have recycling centers or drop-off points where you can dispose of toner cartridges and other electronics responsibly. 

Be sure to contact your local recycling facility or check their website for specific guidelines on how to recycle printer cartridges.

➜ Explore Online Recycling Services

Several online companies specialize in recycling printer cartridges. 

These services typically provide prepaid shipping labels, making it easy for you to send your used toner cartridges for recycling. 

Some of these companies may also offer rewards or discounts for recycling with them.

➜ Participate in Retailer Recycling Programs

In addition to the manufacturer's programs, numerous office supply stores also have recycling initiatives for printer cartridges

Staples, Office Depot, and other similar stores often have collection bins in their stores where you can drop off used cartridges. 

Some of these stores may offer incentives or discounts for recycling cartridges with them.

Encourage Workplace Recycling

If you use Brother toner or ink cartridges in your workplace, consider implementing a recycling program there as well. 

Promote recycling among your colleagues through the creation of dedicated collection points. Encourage them to deposit used cartridges in these specific locations. 

This not only contributes to sustainability but also promotes a green culture within your organization.


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