How To Decode Brother Toner Labels (A User's Manual)

How To Decode Brother Toner Labels (A User's Manual)

Brother toner cartridges are essential components for laser printers, providing high-quality prints for both home and office use.

Understanding the information encoded on Brother toner labels can help you choose the right cartridge for your printer and ensure a smooth printing experience.

In this guide, we'll explore the various numbers and letters found on Brother toner labels, including details about cartridge models and compatibility.

Decoding Brother Toner Labels

Every detail on a Brother toner label is carefully placed to guide users in their printing journey. 

While at first glance, these labels might seem like a simple combination of numbers and letters, they carry essential information that ensures optimal printer performance and longevity. 

Understanding each element allows users to harness the full potential of their Brother printers, achieving consistent, high-quality results. 

Let's break down the elements of these labels.

➜ Brand Name

Brother's brand name is prominently displayed on the label. It's the first thing you'll see, ensuring you have a genuine Brother cartridge.

➜ Cartridge Model

The model number of the cartridge is crucial for compatibility. 

It usually consists of letters and numbers, such as TN-450 or TN-760.

The TN stands for Toner, and the number indicates the cartridge's compatibility with specific printer models.

For example, a TN-450 cartridge is designed for specific printers, while a TN-760 cartridge is for another set of models.

Cartridge model number on Brother TN-760

➜ Page Yield

The estimated page yield is an essential piece of information. It tells you how many pages you can expect to print with the cartridge. 

Brother toner cartridges typically display their page yield using the format A4, followed by a specific number, such as A4 2000

This format indicates the estimated number of pages the cartridge is designed to print on A4-sized paper.

➜ Color Indicators

For color printers, Brother toner labels feature specific color indicators alongside the model number. These abbreviated letters serve as a quick reference to the cartridge's color content. 

The following are the color indicators:

  • BK: Black
  • C: Cyan
  • M: Magenta
  • Y: Yellow 

Take a look at the image for an illustration of the Brother TN-210 color cartridges:

Color indicators on Brother TN-210

Note: However, for cartridges that only contain black toner, no color indicator like BK is used.

➜ Printer Compatibility

Brother cartridges are designed to work with specific printer models. The label will list compatible printer models, ensuring you choose the right cartridge for your printer. 

So, always make sure to check the label and find your printer model on the list. If your printer model is not listed, it's essential to double-check compatibility. 

Using a cartridge that's not compatible with your printer can lead to printing problems, like smudged pages or errors.

➜ Package Numbers

The package number, if included, may be found near the cartridge model number and is essential for tracking and identifying the specific package or set of cartridges within a batch. 

If the cartridges are packed in a package with a label that includes the package number, and the label appears as TN 223 4PK. 

The 4PK notation indicates that the package contains a set of four cartridges.

Number of packages on Brother TN-223 4PK


Understanding the information on Brother toner labels is essential for selecting the right cartridge for your printer and ensuring optimal print quality.

By deciphering the model number, page yield, color indicators, and compatibility details, you can make an informed choice when purchasing Brother toner cartridges.


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