Original HP 99 Photo Original Ink Cartridge C9369WN

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DeskJet 4145DeskJet 460c MobileDeskJet 460cb MobileDeskJet 460wbt MobileDeskJet 460wf MobileDeskJet 5420 vDeskJet 5440DeskJet 5440 vDeskJet 5440 xiDeskJet 5442DeskJet 5443DeskJet 5740DeskJet 5740 xiDeskJet 5743DeskJet 5745DeskJet 5748DeskJet 5940DeskJet 5940 xiDeskJet 5943DeskJet 6520DeskJet 6520 xiDeskJet 6540DeskJet 6540 dDeskJet 6540 dtDeskJet 6540 xiDeskJet 6543DeskJet 6620DeskJet 6620 xiDeskJet 6830 vDeskJet 6840DeskJet 6840 dtDeskJet 6840 xiDeskJet 6940DeskJet 6940 dtDeskJet 6980DeskJet 6980 dtDeskJet 6988DeskJet 6988 dtDeskJet 9800DeskJet 9800 dDeskJet D4155DeskJet D4160DeskJet D4280DeskJet D4360OfficeJet 100 Mobile - L411aOfficeJet 100 Mobile - L411bOfficeJet 150 Mobile All-in-OneOfficeJet 6200OfficeJet 6210OfficeJet 6210 vOfficeJet 6210 xiOfficeJet 6310OfficeJet 6313OfficeJet 6315OfficeJet 7110 All-In-OneOfficeJet 7130OfficeJet 7210OfficeJet 7210 vOfficeJet 7210 xiOfficeJet 7310OfficeJet 7310 xiOfficeJet 7408OfficeJet 7410OfficeJet 7410 xiOfficeJet H470OfficeJet H470 bOfficeJet H470 wbtOfficeJet H470 wfOfficeJet J6480OfficeJet K7100PhotoSmart 2575PhotoSmart 2575 vPhotoSmart 2575 xiPhotoSmart 2600 SeriesPhotoSmart 2610PhotoSmart 2610 vPhotoSmart 2610 xiPhotoSmart 2710PhotoSmart 2710 xiPhotoSmart 7850PhotoSmart 8030PhotoSmart 8038PhotoSmart 8049PhotoSmart 8050PhotoSmart 8050 vPhotoSmart 8050 xiPhotosmart 8053PhotoSmart 8150PhotoSmart 8150 vPhotoSmart 8150 xiPhotoSmart 8450PhotoSmart 8450 xiPhotoSmart 8750PhotoSmart C3100 SeriesPhotoSmart C3180PhotoSmart C4180PhotoSmart C4280 MFP No & So American ShPhotoSmart C4285PhotoSmart C4340 SeriesPhotoSmart C4342PhotoSmart C4343PhotoSmart C4344PhotoSmart C4345PhotoSmart C4348PhotoSmart C4380PhotoSmart C4382PhotoSmart C4383PhotoSmart C4384PhotoSmart C4480PhotoSmart C4524PhotoSmart C4540PhotoSmart C4550PhotoSmart C4575PhotoSmart C4580PhotoSmart C4583PhotoSmart C4585PhotoSmart C4588PhotoSmart C4599PhotoSmart C5240PhotoSmart C5250PhotoSmart C5280PhotoSmart C5540PhotoSmart C5550PhotoSmart C5570PhotoSmart C5580PhotoSmart D5069PhotoSmart D5160PhotoSmart D5345PhotoSmart D5360PhotoSmart Pro B8330PhotoSmart Pro B8350PSC 1507PSC 1510PSC 1510 vPSC 1510 xiPSC 1600 SeriesPSC 1610PSC 1610 vPSC 1610 xiPSC 1613PSC 2350PSC 2355PSC 2355 vPSC 2355 XiPSC 2610PSC PhotoSmart 2610PSC PhotoSmart 2710


This original HP 99 C9369WN Black Photo (Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Black) Inkjet Cartridge Print Cartridge is designed to work with HP Deskjet 460C, 460CB, 460wbt, 460wf, 5420v, 5440, 5440v, 5440xi, 5442, 5443, 5740, 5740p, 5740xi, 5743, 5745, 5748, 5940, 5940xi, 5943, 6520, 6520xi, 6540, 6540d, 6540dt, 6540xi, 6543, 6543d, 6548, 6620, 6620dt, 6620xi, 6623, 6628, 6830v, 6840, 6840dt, 6840xi, 6843, 6848, 6940, 6940dt, 6943, 6980, 6980dt, 6983, 6988, 6988dt, 9800, 9800d, 9803, 9803d, D4145, d4155, D4160, D4163, D4168, D4260, D4263, D4360, D4363, D4368 Officejet 100, 150 Mobile L511a, 6200, 6210, 6210v, 6210xi, 6305, 6310, 6310v, 6310xi, 6315, 6318, 7210, 7210v, 7210xi, 7213, 7215, 7218, 7310, 7310xi, 7313, 7410, 7410xi, 7413, H470, H470b, H470wbt, H470wf, J5740, J5750, J5780, J6480 Photosmart 2570, 2575, 2575v, 2575xi, 2610, 2610v, 2610xi, 2613, 2615, 2710, 2710xi, 2713, 2718, 7850, 8049, 8050, 8050v, 8050xi, 8053, 8150, 8150v, 8150xi, 8153, 8158, 8250, 8450, 8450gp, 8450v, 8450xi, 8453, 8458, 8750, 8750gp, 8753, 8758, C3125, C3135, C3140, C3150, C3180, C4140, C4150, C4180, C4210, C4240, C4250, C4280, C4285, C4340, C4342, C4343, C4344, C4345, C4380, C4383, C4385, C4388, C4435, C4440, C4450, C4480, C4580, C4599, C5240, C5250, C5280, C5283, C5290, C5540, C5550, C5580, D5060, D5063, D5065, D5069, D5145, D5155, D5156, D5160, D5168, D5345, D5360, D5363, D5368, Pro B8350, Pro B8353 psc 1507, 1510, 1510s, 1510v, 1510xi, 1513, 1513s, 1600, 1610, 1610v, 1610xi, 1613, 2350, 2355, 2355p, 2355v, 2355xi printer models. By using the Original/OEM HP 99 C9369WN Inkjet Cartridge Print Cartridge you will always get clear, sharp text and graphics.

The 99 C9369WN Yields up to 130 Page. This means that at 5% page coverage (the average print) you will be able to print 130 Page.

  • Brand:
  • Brand Type:
    Original OEM
  • Manufacturer:
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
  • Product Model:
  • Quantity:
    Single Pack
  • Product Type:
    InkJet cartridge Print cartridge (photo)
  • Color:
    Black photo (light cyan, light magenta, black)
  • Page Yield:
    130 Page
  • Weight :
  • UPC:

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