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The Original Epson® ERC38BR Black/Red Ribbon Cartridge provides reliable high-quality prints.

These Original Epson® ERC38BR Black/Red Ribbon Cartridges are designed to work with the following Epson® printers:

  • Epson® 270
  • Epson® 300 D
  • Epson® ERC-30
  • Epson® ERC-34
  • Epson® ERC-38
  • Epson® M 115 A TM-U375
  • Epson® M 119
  • Epson® M 119 B
  • Epson® M 119 D
  • Epson® M 133 A
  • Epson® M 17-JB
  • Epson® M 188 B
  • Epson® M 270
  • Epson® M 52-JB
  • Epson® M 63-UA
  • Epson® TM-200 UB Prep Printer
  • Epson® TM-267 II
  • Epson® TM-270
  • Epson® TM-270 II
  • Epson® TM-300 A
  • Epson® TM-300 B
  • Epson® TM-300 C
  • Epson® TM-300 D
  • Epson® TM-300 PD
  • Epson® TM-300 Series
  • Epson® TM-U200
  • Epson® TM-U200 A Receipt & Journal
  • Epson® TM-U200 B Kitchen Receipt/Ticket
  • Epson® TM-U200 D
  • Epson® TM-U210 B
  • Epson® TM-U210 D
  • Epson® TM-U220
  • Epson® TM-U220 A
  • Epson® TM-U220 B
  • Epson® TM-U220 D
  • Epson® TM-U220 PA
  • Epson® TM-U220 PB
  • Epson® TM-U230
  • Epson® TM-U300 D
  • Epson® TM-U300 Receipt Ptr
  • Epson® TM-U325 Validation/Receipt Ptr
  • Epson® TM-U370
  • Epson® TM-U375

Genuine Epson® printers and toners are engineered to work as a system to provide crisp text and vivid images!

  • Bold and sharp text.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Higher page yield.
  • High quality printing.
  • Professional graphics.
  • Fast and reliable printing experience at the utmost quality.
  • Safe for your printer.

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