HP 414A vs HP 414X: Toners Battle For Supremacy!



Quick Answer:

The HP 414A and HP 414X are toner cartridges compatible with specific HP printers. 

The key difference is in their page yield: 

- HP 414A is a standard yield cartridge, optimal for users with regular printing needs. 

- HP 414X is a high yield cartridge, cost-effective for those with larger print volumes.

So, HP 414A vs.HP 414X: which should you use in your beloved HP Color LaserJet M454 or M479 printer?

You love your HP Color LaserJet — it's a multifunction master. It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking a LaserJet Pro M454dnM454dw, or one of the four models of M479 - the M479fnwM479fdnM479dw, or M479fdw.

When your multifunction LaserJet needs supplies, the original HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridge sets are the only way to go!

HP 414A vs. HP 414X — What’s The Difference?

The difference is the HP414X toner cartridges hold significantly more toner than the HP 414A toner cartridge set. 

In short, you can print more pages (at a lower cost per page) with the HP 414X toner cartridge set, but you will pay more for them.

How much more toner is in the HP 414A toner cartridge vs. the HP 414X toner cartridge?

About three times as much! 

It’s true! The HP 414X black toner cartridge, for example, can print 7,500 pages compared to the HP 414A, which tops out at 2,400 pages.

That's more than 3x difference!

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HP 414X vs HP 414A — What’s The Cost Per Page?

Let's look at the numbers in the table below:

Cartridge Model Page Yield (Black/Color) Price Cost Per Page
HP 414 X SET         7,500/ 6,000 $895         $0.13

HP 414 A SET         2,400/ 2,100 $449         $0.20

Prices as valid on 01.03.2024

Toner Cartridges For The HP M479 and M454 Series Color LaserJet Printers

The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479 and M454 series of printers use HP 414 toner cartridges.

Using the high capacity HP 414X toner cartridge set can bring down the average cost per print to just over 2 cents for black-and-white and around 14 cents per color print.

Make sure you shop for the lowest toner prices for your HP 414A or HP 414X toner cartridge sets to keep your running costs as low as possible.

The HP 414A toner set is a standard capacity toner set that includes:

  • W2020A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge (2,400-page yield),
  • W2021A Cyan LaserJet Toner Cartridge (2,100-page yield),
  • W2022A Yellow LaserJet Toner Cartridge (2,100-page yield) and the
  • W2023A Magenta LaserJet Toner Cartridge (2,100-page yield).

The HP 414X toner set is a high capacity toner set that includes:

  • W2020X Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge (7,500-page yield),
  • W2021X Cyan LaserJet Toner Cartridge (6,000-page yield),
  • W2022X Yellow LaserJet Toner Cartridge (6,000-page yield) and the
  • W2023X Magenta LaserJet Toner Cartridge (6,000-page yield).

Why Use Genuine HP Toner Cartridges?

Compatible cartridges simply won’t work as reliably or consistently as genuine OEM  HP toner cartridges. In fact, studies show that 98% of compatible cartridges will have some manufacturing flaw and may not work at all.

HP toner cartridges are the results of years of research and development. HP formulates ink and toner specifically for each model of printer.

It is especially important to use OEM supplies in laser printers in order to get the sharpest text and graphics.

The HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridge sets feature HP’s patented JetIntelligence technology, which helps make these cartridges for reliable.

JetIntelligence features:

  • Proprietary toner formulas for deep, rich black graphics and text
  • Page maximizer technology for high yield printing even with compact cartridges
  • Print gauge technology that gives you all the information you need to track the health and life cycle of your toner as well as how much toner you have left
  • Auto seal removal for easier cartridge replacement and safer transport
  • Anti-fraud technology that helps customers recognize counterfeits and make sure they use Original HP toner cartridges

Each box of HP 414A and HP414X toner cartridges comes with recycling instructions. HP is committed to greener business.

As of 2022, Hewlett-Packard has recycled more than 4.9 billion printer cartridges, and kept 4.7 billion plastic bottles and 114 million plastic hangers out of landfills.

HP uses recycled material to manufacture new ink and toner cartridges. Their manufacturing model makes them one of the industry leaders when it comes to eco-friendly efforts.

In fact, 100% of HP LaserJet cartridges are made out of up to 75% recycled content, including the 414A. In addition, the toner cartridge packaging is also made of 81% recycled materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which toner should I buy 414A or 414X?

The HP414X costs twice as much but delivers triple the number of printed pages. For the least expensive cost-per-print, the HP414X is the way to go.

What is the cost-per-page using HP 414A or 414X toner cartridges?

The HP 414A sells for $87 at Toner Buzz and delivers 2,400 pages for an average cost of around three 3 per black-and-white print ($0.036). The HP414X black toner cartridge sells for $165 at Toner Buzz and will print 7,500 pages for an average cost-per-print of just over 2 cents per black-and-white page ($0.022).

Which toner is better, 414A or 414X?

Both the 414A and 414X toner sets use the same toner formula and are designed to deliver crisp text and vibrant colors with every print. You can’t go wrong either way.

Which toner is less expensive, 414A or 414X?

The HP 414A is less expensive than the 414X toner cartridge set.

What’s the difference between 414A and 414X toner cartridges?

The HP 414A is a set of four, standard capacity toner cartridges. The HP 414X is a set of four high-capacity toner cartridges that contain nearly three times more toner than the 414A toner cartridge set.

How do I change my 414A or 414X toner cartridges?

  • Open the front access door of your printer
  • Pull out the toner cartridge tray
  • Find the cartridge that needs to be replaced (black, cyan, yellow, or magenta) and lift it straight out of the toner cartridge tray
  • Set the old cartridge aside for later recycling
  • Unpack your new 414A and 414X toner cartridge and remove the plastic orange protective strip and packing tape
  • Install the new toner cartridge into the toner tray until you hear a click
  • Close the toner tray and front access door of the printer

How long with the 414A and 414X toner cartridges last?

Standard-capacity HP 414A cartridges will last 2,400 pages for black toner and 2,100 pages for colored toner. The high-capacity HP 414X cartridges deliver 7,500 pages in black and white and 6,000 pages in color.

What HP LaserJet printers use 414A and 414X toner cartridges?

The HP 414A and 414X toners cartridges work in the HP LaserJet Pro M454dn, M454dw, M479fnw, M479fdn, M479dw, and M479fdw printers.

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