Where To Find The Best Price On Genuine HP Toner

Posted by Rob Errera on 10th Jul 2019

Where To Find The Best Price On Genuine HP Toner

Genuine HP toner cartridges — especially 305A, 304a, and 64x — are the toilet paper of the laser printer world. Everybody uses them, and it’s a mess when you unexpectedly run out. Listen, you can hear the people cry, "Where can I find the lowest prices on genuine HP toner cartridges?"

People, we hear you ... and we've got good news!

No Price Restrictions

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay top dollar for genuine, brand name HP toner. Toner Buzz can save you up to 35% off Amazon prices on these three toners alone by using Toner Buzz. Because Toner Buzz is an independent dealer, the company is not bound by the price restrictions imposed by toner manufacturers. This allows Toner Buzz to offer the lowest prices on the Internet!

Save Fifty Bucks

Take a look at a set of genuine HP 305A toners. Toner Buzz has all four cartridges for $399. You’d need to place two orders with Amazon for the same four cartridges and it’ll cost you $448.78. Why blow $50? Save your cash and switch to Toner Buzz.

Nearly 35% Off

HP 304A toners power laser printers around the world. Sure, you can buy these toners on Amazon for $503.78. But Toner Buzz has a complete set of genuine HP 304A toners for $375. Don’t waste $130 or more! Let Toner Buzz save you nearly 35% over Amazon.

Money In Your Pocket

You can find HP 64x toners in hardworking black-and-white laserjets in offices throughout the country. It is one of the most popular toners sold. Amazon’s Choice when it comes to HP 64x is a two-pack of toner for 613.89. Toner Buzz sells the SAME EXACT TONER for only 485! That’s another $130 you’re needlessly handing over to Amazon. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need it … or appreciate it! Get genuine HP64x toner from Toner Buzz and save 25% off Amazon!


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