Use Freezer Paper To Print On Fabric!

Posted by Rob Errera on 24th Mar 2020

Use Freezer Paper To Print On Fabric!

Let’s face it — staying shuttered up at home is boring. Want to do something fun and creative during COVID quarantine? Fire up your printer and let’s get to work!

Laser toner isn’t just for printing clear, sharp text and images! Creative types are finding inventive new uses for toner powder, from coloring epoxy resin to making custom t-shirts! Bring the kids! Printing fun for all ages!

Use Freezer Paper To Print On Fabric!

Sewing master Lisa Capen Quilts has found a creative way to get printed designs onto fabric, using Reynolds Freezer Paper. Make sure you make a test print first before you ruin your favorite quilt!

Printing on Fabric using Freezer Paper with FREE download

Our Experience...Does It Work?

We decided to give Lisa’s method a try to see if we could duplicate her results.

Our verdict...the freezer paper transfer method works!

But the process was far from smooth, especially for us first-timers. Our first mistake was not cutting our freezer paper wide enough, limiting us to only one sheet of fabric paper.

Toner Buzz printed on fabric!

Next, we loaded the paper into the printer wrong (duh!) and it jammed on our next attempt. We should have set our Samsung Xpress Color for thicker paper...and having a manual sheet feeder like Lisa would have helped too.

A paper jam on fabric

We loaded the paper wrong again on our third attempt (duh!) but had some success the fourth run through. The image printed on the fabric, though the paper jammed again on discharge.

After printing, the fabric separated easily from the freezer paper. We were impressed with the results — we could nail this next time! Thanks for the tip, Lisa! 

Printing on fabric with freezer paper and a laser printer