Top 5 Funniest Cat vs. Printer Compilations On YouTube


You know what’s better than getting the lowest prices on genuine, brand name toner cartridges? Nothing! But watching cute cats face off against beloved printers is a very close second! These are the top 5 cat vs. printer compilations we’ve found on YouTube.

The Best Of Cats vs. Printers Compilation

Over five minutes of twitchy, furry, and curious kitties exploring the ins and outs of computer printers. Love that spotted Bengal. So cute!

Ultimate Funny Cats Vs. Printers Compilation 2014 [NEW]

This three-and-a-half minute compilation was released in 2014, but the content never gets old … or less funny! Gotta love that paper-swattin’ tuxie!

Can cats win the battle with printers? - Funny cat compilation that will make you laugh

The struggle is real, people. Cats hate printers as much as mice, and they’ll stop at nothing to settle the score with these electronic enemies. Enjoy nearly 4 minutes of cat vs. printer warfare!

Cats vs Printers Compilation

Five-and-a-half minutes of cats vs printers is hard to beat! Even though we’ve seen many of these clips before they still make us purr with delight!

Cats vs Printers #20

At just under two-minutes, Cats vs. Printer #20 may be the perfect length for cat cuteness videos. This video is well-edited, including a pleasant musical soundtrack. Leap down the rabbit hole and check out Cats vs Printers Volumes 1-19. 

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