The First Toner Buzz/BigCommerce Meetup in NYC, January 15, 2020



An unseasonably warm New York night allowed us to open the windows wide for the first BigCommerce/Toner Buzz Meetup at Studio 1408 on January 15, 2020. The mild night air carried with it the sound of midtown Manhattan traffic and the scent of fresh pizza for our meetup guests.

An Evening Of E-Commerce

The event was organized by Toner Buzz marketing manager Grovert Fuentes and marketing associate Jamie Stewart. After securing a convenient midtown location — Studio 1408 on 38th St. West — Fuentes and Stewart rolled into action, securing everything needed to make the evening a success.

BigCommerce hosts e-commerce sites as diverse as homemade furniture and Hess trucks, with the bulk of their clientele being small to mid-size online retailers. BigCommerce is built on an open API platform, which allows developers to customize sites to their clients needs and scale up or down depending on economic conditions.

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 1

Senior Manager Jason Flagg lays out the basics of BigCommerce.

Meet & Greet

Our featured guest speaker for the evening was Jason Flagg, Senior Manager Enterprise Sales at BigCommerce. Flagg not only revealed BigCommerce’s product plans and new features for the first quarter of 2020, he also fielded specific questions from the meetup’s more than a dozen participants.

“This is a great opportunity for users on the BigCommerce platform to meet up and compare notes with each other along with a BigCommerce representative,” said Toner Buzz CTO Yisroel Spanier.

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 2

Toner Buzz CTO Yisroel Spanier welcomes attendees to the Big Commerce Meetup.

Real-Time Answers

The BigCommerce Meetup allowed Flagg to interact in real-time with more than 30 BigCommerce engineers and developers in Australia, answering questions as wide ranging as international monetary conversions and shipping services, as well as blog and product page design.

“Having access to dozens of engineers and technicians in real time was an amazing opportunity to get our questions and concerns answered,” said Toner Buzz owner Max Dirnfeld. “It was a really productive meeting ... a great chance to speak live with other actual BigCommerce clients.”

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 3

Flagg had real answers for real e-commerce questions!

Global Interest

The first BigCommerce/Toner Buzz Meetup drew attendees as diverse as a retailer who sells toys in the UK, and a young programmer from St. Petersburg.

Overall, the first BigCommerce/Toner Buzz Meetup created a sense that BigCommerce was an ecommerce platform with a broad reach, run by talented, creative people. Open-minded programmers coupled with an open API allows the BigCommerce team to meet the demands of clients both large and small.

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 4

The Topic Idea Board summarizes the main ideas Meetup attendees want addressed in future meetups.

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 5

Flagg fields questions from the BigCommerce Meetup audience.

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 6

Meetup attendees learned a lot...and stuffed themselves with pizza!

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 7

Come one, come all to the first annual Toner Buzz/BigCommerce Meetup!

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 8

Toner Buzz content director Rob Errera couldn’t be more excited about the BigCommerce Meetup!

BigCommerce Toner Buzz NYC Meetup 9

Kiss My Slice Pizza!

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

Rob Errera is an award-winning journalist embedded in the world of printers and printing supplies. Rob has nearly two decades of experience writing about cutting edge technology, business trends, and the ever-evolving industry of printing.

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