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Over the past few years, Somer Canon has quietly made a name for herself among readers of dark fiction. Her novels are atmospheric, moody, and packed with supernatural elements. Her characters, however, are very human and relatable. The latest nightmare to shamble out of Canon’s head is The Hag Witch Of Tripp Creek, a tale of superstition and secrets in backwoods West Virginia. Canon took a few minutes away from her writing to talk to Toner Buzz!

What is your new book, The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek, about?

It's a story about folklore and superstition and vicious rumors...but how those things are sometimes true, based in real life and not the overactive imaginations of bored locals. It takes place in the back hollows of West Virginia and shows how easily secrets are kept, nestled in those ancient mountains.

So it's got a strong West Virginia connection?

I’ve got a strong West Virginia connection! Quite a few of my works so far have taken place in my home state and that's because that part of civilization, the history of isolation and extreme poverty, was the seed that started in me the love of storytelling.

How does it differ from your novel Killer Chronicles, which is also set in West Virginia?

Both books deal with the supernatural, but The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek is a little more angry, a little more serious than Killer Chronicles. I had my tongue firmly in cheek when I wrote Killer Chronicles and I love that there are two very different tones to the two works.

How does The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek compare to your previous work, Vicki BeautifulJeffyMischief, and A Fresh Start?

I think there are a lot of elements of The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek in all of those works. There's a strong sense of camaraderie in Vicki Beautiful, there's whispers of witchcraft in Jeffy, and A Fresh Start features a mature woman dealing with life and the men in it. I think of all of them, Mischief is the least like The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek in that it's just crude, gory, fast-paced fun.

What does the Hag Witch like to binge watch?

She has the entire series Bewitched on DVD and she always has it playing.

Do you think the Hag Witch could change a toner cartridge in an HP Laserjet printer?

I think she'd need a young'en to help her with that, but she'd be able to learn.

What about a fuser unit?

You're talking space-age stuff! She still has an old wall phone in her kitchen with a super long cord! But, again, once you show her how to just slap that puppy in there, she'd prove to be a fast learner!

Are you an ink or toner girl?

Toner for life!

What's your favorite printer and why?

I use a Brother wireless inkjet and I suppose that since it prints my documents without my having frequent urges to throw it out the window, then that makes it my current favorite!

If the Hag Witch had social media accounts would she be an influencer or a troll?

I'm going to say the Hag Witch would definitely be a creeper. Seeing everything, but saying little.

Would the Hag Witch shop at Walmart or Lord and Taylor?

Definitely Walmart!

I've heard the Hag Witch buys toner cartridges at Staples. Why would she do this when she could save 40% shopping at

She still lives in the dark ages, I'm afraid, and must be urged to mend her ways!

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Find out more about The Hag Witch Of Tripp Creek.

The Hag Witch Of Tripp Creek

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

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