Office Space Inspires Destructive Printer Parodies



It’s a classic scene from a classic comedy. Three frustrated office workers take their misbehaving printer out to the middle of a field and beat it to death to the hip-hop beats of “Still” by the Geto Boys. While the “printer scene” in Office Space makes us feel queasy and sad, many take a perverse pleasure in it. Writer/director Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame touched a very real “printer hatred” nerve when creating this scene.

Office Space - Printer Scene (UNCENSORED)

It’s hard to image — and harder still to talk about — but some people really hate their printers. They take great joy from hurting their faithful office companions. Why? What has that printer ever done except deliver beautiful prints? Except when it goes offline for no reason. Or needs more expensive toner. Or the paper jams.

Okay, we get it. Printers are annoying. That’s why the printer scene from Office Space not only endures but continues to inspire parody videos twenty years after its theatrical release! Here are a few of our favorites.

Family Guy - "Office Space" Printer Scene Take

Beloved family dog Brian and big-mouthed baby Stewie go Office Space on a vinyl record in this oddball parody from the hit animated series, Family Guy. Always good to hear the Geto Boys get loud!

Office Space Parody 3D Printer Scene

Real-life office geeks at Scarlet Inc. take out their social inadequacy frustrations on a hapless 3D printer in this modern take on the Office Space classic. Go Geto Boys! (With explicit lyrics carefully edited out...these guys really are geeks!)

It Feels Good To Be A Clinton: Ted Cruz Parody Of Office Space Printer Scene

In this strange, sad parody paid for by Ted Cruz, a monstrous Hillary Clinton impersonator beats up an old PC, presumably a server full of clandestine emails, while a faux gangsta raps about how it feels good to be a Clinton. Guess Ted will never know.

HALO Office Space Parody (Printer Scene) 

The futuristic soldiers of Halo take a break from their hit gaming environment to break up a prototype helmet with a baseball bat in the middle of a field. Where’s the love, Chief?

Office Space Printer Scene Remix - Lemonly

The staff at Lemonly have had it with their office printer so they freak out on it with a baseball bat, trendy sneakers, and hipster hairdos.They're sweet, never sour, at Lemonly...except if you're a misbehaving printer. Then they beat you to death and leave your corpse in a field.

Xbox Scene (Office Space - Printer Scene Parody)

Jonnyluigi waited a long time to make this video of him destroying his XBox, and he revels in the joyous moment. We share your joy, Johnny. Kill all the XBoxes you want...just leave the poor printer alone.

School Projects - Office Space Parody (Printer Scene)

Two middle school thugs (and their Dad) go Office Space on a couple of unloved school projects — a gingerbread house and what looks like a diorama of the first Thanksgiving. These hard working students get top marks in unbridled destruction!

Worst Office Space Spoof

Okay, maybe it’s not the worst Office Space spoof, but it’s pretty bad. Still, this scene comes from adult entertainment titans Brazzers, so you can forgive the porno movie cheesiness. It also explains why the comly actress forgot to button her blouse. (Pss! We can see your bra...and stuff…) It’s not easy stomping a printer in high heels, but where there’s a will (a script and a paycheck) there’s a way.

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

Rob Errera is an award-winning journalist embedded in the world of printers and printing supplies. Rob has nearly two decades of experience writing about cutting edge technology, business trends, and the ever-evolving industry of printing.

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