Create Gold Foil Lettering With Your Laser Printer



Elegant gold foiled lettering was once the sole domain of high-end printers. But with your laser printer, some foiling, and a bit of ingenuity, you can create amazing gold foil lettering with your laser printer!

The Sky’s The Limit

Birthday cards, wedding invitations, business name the high-end print job and we’ll show you how to create it using your laser printer and a few sheets of gold leaf. Gold leaf sheets can be a bit pricey and tricky to work with — they’re so thin, a gentle breeze can blow them off your worktable! But with time, patience, and a bit of technique, gold foiling success is at your fingertips!

Go For The Gold...And More!

Letter foiling comes in a variety of colors. Break the shackles of gold and explore the rainbow of foil colors! You can create an amazing array of dazzling letters with a pack of multi-color foiling paper and a little imagination!

Check out the videos below and find your favorite method for creating gold foil letters with your laser printer! These crafters make it look easy, but be careful not to get any foiling paper or tape stuck in your printer! We're warning you, with peace and love!

EASY Diy Hot Foil Stamping with a Laminator and Laser Printer

Projectpinupgirl has found a way to gold foil text using her laser printer and a laminator!

How to Foil Your Own Prints and Stickers using a Laser Printer and Laminator

Craft Chatterbox offers a tutorial on making your own foiled prints and stickers using a laser printer, a laminator and toner foiling sheets.

How to Gold Foil using your TONER PRINTER instead of a laminator!!!!

CarolitaRo achieves a similar effect without using a laminator!

"Dr" G the foil printing specialist explains that not all Toners are created equal

Take a deep dive into foiling with the fine folks at Foilart!

5 Ways to Add Gold Foil

Jennifer McGuire Ink uses stamps, foil with dyes, foil with tape, foil with stencils, and, finally, foil with printouts to add a golden touch to her craft projects.

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

Rob Errera is an award-winning journalist embedded in the world of printers and printing supplies. Rob has nearly two decades of experience writing about cutting edge technology, business trends, and the ever-evolving industry of printing.

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