Catch A Lift Fund Gets A Boost From Toner Buzz Cashback Program


When Toner Buzz Marketing Manager and US Air Force veteran Grovert Fuentes told Toner Buzz owners Max and Sam about a program called Catch A Lift that helped wounded warriors like himself, they quickly pledged their support.

“We decided to match customer cashback cards with donations to Catch A Lift,” Toner Buzz president Sam Dirnfeld said. “If one of our customers receives a $30 cashback gift card from us, we’ll donate that same amount.”

The fundraising effort, which ran from November 11-16, raised more than $1,000 for Catch A Lift. Founded by Lynn Coffland after her brother Christopher was killed in action in November 2009, Catch A Lift helps wounded veterans rejuvenate both mind and body through exercise.

Catch A Lift has helped thousands of combat-wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs, and a peer support network. To date, Catch A Lift has 2,900 veterans in the program with over 1,500 participating gyms across the U.S.

When a veteran applies for the program, there are two waiting periods. The first doesn’t take long. They check your military records to make sure your injury is combat related and then accept you into the program. The second waiting period depends on funding. This can be a very long wait, at least a year or more. Meanwhile, the rate of veteran suicides continues to escalate. There are over 700 veterans waiting for funding to become available at the time of this blog. This funding relies solely on donations.

Toner Buzz supports Catch A Lift’s mission to continue to save lives daily. The wounds combat veterans bring home from war needn’t be a lifelong burden. By pitching together, corporate sponsors, local businesses, and dedicated individuals can help our heroes heal.

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