Zebra Technologies Power Supply Unit Recall

Zebra Technologies Power Supply Unit Recall

As of February 2018, Zebra Technologies has officially issued a recall of multiple power supply units for its ZP500 Plus and ZP505 printers due to a potential safety hazard.

The power supply units, or PSU’s, are manufactured by FSP Group and are used with and can potentially impact the ZP500 Plus and ZP505 printer models.

Any ZP printer manufactured between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012 may have the power supply units in question that need to be recalled. The power supply units are being recalled because they have been identified as potentially containing an improperly mixed phosphorus compound that is used in the flame-retardant resin in the DC power supply connectors. This deficiency in the phosphorus-based connector resin, when combined with moisture and humidity over time, can cause overheating and is a potential fire hazard. Independent testing has confirmed that the issue is associated with a discreet batch of power supply units and is not associated with any printers or AC power cords manufactured by Zebra.

The recall also applies to replacement or spare power supply units that were purchased during the July 1,2010- June 30, 2012 timeframe.

Power supply units that were sold with the predecessor to the ZP500 Plus, the ZP500, were not impacted. This is due to the ZP500 being declared End of Life in 2008. However, if you purchased or were provided a replacement power supply unit for a ZP500 during this timeframe, the replacement power supply unit may need to be recalled.

The webpage below provides details on how to identify if you are impacted by the recall based on the printer models you are using in addition to how to take action and apply for replacement power supply units.


If you have any questions regarding the power supply unit recall, you can contact Zebra Technologies directly at 1-800-658-3795 (U.S. and Canada) or 1-972-893-1548 (International).

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