Schools Save Big On Print Costs With Toner Buzz

Posted by Rob Errera on 8th Jan 2019

Schools Save Big On Print Costs With Toner Buzz

Handouts...memos...lesson plans. Nothing works harder than school printers and photocopiers. Schools of all sizes can slash the cost of printing budgets simply by switching from Amazon to Toner Buzz.

School Daze

Education is the fifth highest producer of printed paper in America, with an average of 20 pages printed per employee each workday. Considering the number of assignments, worksheets, and study guides teachers hand out, this high ranking isn’t a surprise. What is surprising is how much money is needlessly wasted on school printing costs.

How Much Can You Save?

Professional educators print an average of 20 pages per day, or approximately 5,600 pages per school year.

If your school printer is an HP Color Laserjet 5550hdn, the average employee will use half-a-set of HP 645A toner throughout the course of the year. Buying a set of genuine OEM HP 645A toner cartridges at Toner Buzz is only $1,099 compared to $1,775 at Amazon, a savings of $676 per employee per year. It’s not uncommon for school districts to employee hundreds, if not thousands, of employees, so the savings add up quickly. A school district with 500 employees can shave nearly $340,000 a year off its budgeted printing costs by switching from Amazon to Toner Buzz. Smart savings!

Maybe your school district relies on an HP Color Laserjet CP3525x and needs replacement toners (which yield between 5,000 and 6,000 pages per set). A year’s worth of toner for each employee will cost you $1,042 from Amazon but only $719 from Toner Buzz, a savings of $323 per employee. A 500-employee school district that switches from Amazon to Toner Buzz can save upwards of $162,000 in annual printing costs.

Cranking out school documents on an HP Color Laserjet CM2320n? A typical school employee uses nearly two full sets of genuine HP 304A toners over the course of a year. This costs $1,091 on Amazon, but only $798 at Toner Buzz, saving your district a whopping $293 per employee, per year. If your CM2330n serves a workgroup of 100 employees, buying toner from Toner Buzz rather than Amazon will save your school district nearly $30,000 in printing costs each and every year!

It’s important to consider the above numbers are based on one printer. Most school districts use dozens of printers spread out over several locations. The savings add up quickly and deserve serious consideration. Even if you’re not a school employee, the bulk of your property taxes fund school budgets. Demand school districts stop wasting your money on toner! Switch to Toner Buzz!

What Your District Can Do

Saving money on printing costs is an easy, and often overlooked, way for school districts to save money, regardless of district size or number of employees. Sometimes it’s as simple as seeking an alternative to Amazon and big box stores. Studies show the benefits of decreasing paper use in classrooms, pointing out that typical teachers spend 10% of their time copying, collating, and stapling, but only 1% of their time on evaluating curriculums, fundraising, and professional development.

Additional Savings

School districts are not alone. Many businesses don’t consider printing costs...but they’re tossing money out the window. Consider this:

  • NEARLY 90% OF COMPANIES DON’T TRACK PRINTING COSTS — How can you muster up savings when you don’t know what you spend in the first place? Get a handle on how much paper, ink, and toner your school uses on a monthly basis, and track those expenses over several months. Once you know how much you spend on printing costs, you can work on reducing that figure.
  • THE AVERAGE IT DEPARTMENT SPENDS 15% OF ITS TIME ON PRINTING ISSUES — According to IDC, 23% of help desk calls are printer-related. There are a number of ways to help minimize this issue, with the most useful solution being proper maintenance and management. Another way to avoid printer-related jobs for your IT Department? Stick with genuine OEM toner cartridges, which are traditionally more reliable than remanufactured or third-party cartridges.
  • SUPPLIER AGREEMENTS CAN REDUCE OPERATING COSTS — Find the best discount toner supplier and make a deal. Buying in bulk and entering into supplier agreements can reduce overall printing costs by 20% to 30%. Know what you need and shop around for the best prices. We’ll give you a shortcut. Regardless of what brand printer you use, you’ll find the best savings on genuine OEM toner and inks here.


There are plenty of ways to save money on genuine OEM toner, but all solutions begin with an online a visit to Toner If you’re a school professional, Toner Buzz is the first, last, and only place you’ll ever need to visit!