Pandemic Prompts Resurgence Of Home Printers


Pandemic Prompts Resurgence Of Home Printers

Much to everyone’s surprise, the corona pandemic has caused a resurgence in home printer use!

A year ago people were asking if printers were still necessary. But the corona pandemic has helped redefine “business essentials” — from equipment to employees — and the humble printer has emerged a humble hero.

Printers On The Front Lines

As expected, 3D printing have been a major force on the front lines of the COVID fight. From face shields to replacement parts for ventalatilators, 3D printers are playing a crucial role in the COVID world. But humble “2D” printers—especially multifunction machines that can scan, copy, and fax—are also experiencing a resurgence during the current pandemic.

In its recent Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Report, Deloitte predicts that sales of all-in-one home printers—the kind that scan and email—will surge 15% this year to nearly $29 billion. That’s double the annual growth rate that had been predicted before the coronavirus outbreak. The Washington Post reports ink refill services from HP and Canon are experiencing an uptick. (Though smart shoppers know where to get their OEM ink and toner for a lot less!)

On top of this, the first quarter of 2020 has seen in surge in PC sales. The home office is now the backbone of American business and the home printer is the hub of the wheel!

Remote Workers Rely On Printers

In pre-COVID times, we wrote about how accountants, government workers, teachers, lawyers, and medical professionals rely on paper printouts to conduct business. During times of quarantine, those printouts are coming from home computers instead of industrial-size office machines.

Many employees are adapting to the new world of working-at-home, and rediscovering the joy of their home printers. Multifunction machines that can copy, scan and fax are experiencing a renaissance as employees dust off their home printers and put them to work.

Teacher And Student Need Printouts!

It’s not only office workers who are relying on their home printers more heavily. Teachers and their students are printing a ton of paper pages as they transition to online learning. Some (in fact, most) information simply soaks in better when read in print instead of online. While virtual assignments are becoming the new norm, there will always be a place for printed materials when it comes to education.

Parents Find A Friend In Their Home Printer

Pandemic quarantine means more family time. Maybe too much. Especially for parents of young children. But many harried parents have found an ally in their home printer.

There are tons of fun projects you can do with your home printer! Keep those active young minds engaged and entertained with a little help from your desktop printer!

The Pulse Of Your Printer

Regardless of how you use your home printer, chances are you are using it more often during this pandemic. That means you’re using up print supplies faster as well. Tighten your budget by learning to calculate print costs, and keep your printer well maintained. Learn how to clean rollers and other basic printer maintenance rituals. If your printer gives you persistent problems, you may need to reset your printer to the factory default settings. Our printer Learning Center is packed with power user printer tips and tricks to keep your workflow flowing. Got an HP, Brother, or Canon printer? Stick with OEM replacement cartridges when the ink or toner runs out on your printer! 

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

Rob Errera is an award-winning journalist embedded in the world of printers and printing supplies. Rob has nearly two decades of experience writing about cutting edge technology, business trends, and the ever-evolving industry of printing.

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