New video series reveals your printer’s secret life!

Posted by Rob Errera on 11th Jun 2019

New video series reveals your printer’s secret life!

Printers are people too! Well, not really. But if they could talk they’d tell you how they feel.

The Chatty Printer Speaks!

First, they’d tell you to ditch generic toner and stick with brand name cartridges. 

Second, they’d tell you how they like to be treated (a little TLC goes a long way). 

Finally, your printer may flatter you into buying genuine ink and toner. That’s okay. Let it happen. When the printer is happy, everybody’s happy!

The Chatty Printer — Dude, Bro!

Dude, where’s your printer? It’s time to show it some genuine toner love!

The Chatty Printer — Non-OEM Makes Me Sick!

Some printers have sensitive stomachs. Keep your printer’s tummy happy with brand name ink and toner!

The Chatty Printer — Flirty McFlirtface

You and your printer have been together a long time. Don’t let romance grow cold! Keep your relationship hot with genuine toner cartridges.

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'Dude, Bro!'
'Non-OEM Makes Me Sick!'
'Flirty McFlirtface'
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