From Facebook To A Frame — HP Print Bot Makes Online Prints A Snap


From Facebook To A Frame — HP Print Bot Makes Online Prints A Snap

Everybody loves Facebook photos, but making a print from the social media network is a hassle. That’s because many Facebook users are unaware of HP’s Print Bot app which makes printing photos from Facebook a simple, one-click process. And, with Facebook’s announced merger of Messenger, Whats App, and Instagram, the power of HP’s Print Bot is likely to grow.

Your Bot Is Ready

HP’s Print Bot is a print management tool aimed at producing a more natural user experience by employing fewer dialogue boxes. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than two billion active monthly users. If you have a Facebook account, give the Print Bot a try yourself.

Friendly & Chatty

According to HP, its Print Bot was built in 2016 on the backbone of HP's ePrint, one of the original Internet of Things platforms. For years ePrint allowed mobile users to email photos and documents to HP web-connected printers. The Print Bot makes it easier to print from within Facebook Messenger.

“Most people know how tedious printing from a mobile device can be,” explains James Trask, one of HP’s Print Bot developers. “By developing a friendly chat bot, we were able to reduce some of the friction and make printing from the phone more fun and easy."

One of the main benefits of HP’s Print Bot software is the ability to print photos and documents directly from Facebook Messenger. With plans afoot to merge Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp into a single app, HP’s Print Bot is due for an upgrade as well.

Pick Up The Slack (Bot)

HP has developed additional print bots to facilitate direct printing from other applications. The HP Print Bot for Slack allows you to print images directly from this popular team collaboration tool. Try it out for yourself here! HP’s open developer platform means more print bots will be coming as new communication platforms emerge.

‘Computing By Thumb’

According to HP, Print Bot interacts with users, sending encouraging missives like, “Nice photo, Bobby!” and eliminating multiple dialog boxes, giving users one-button simplicity. Print Bot users can connect to their personal printers or send photos to locations around the world.

“Younger people expect beauty and simplicity—computing by thumb,” says Mark Vaughn, Research and Development Project Manager at HP. “They don’t want to see big print dialog boxes. They just want to jump in, maybe make a choice or two, and have fun doing it.”HP hopes its Print Bot can simplify and de-stress the printing process, especially for twentysomethings seeking one-touch printing solutions for their smartphones.


Learn more about HP’s Print Bot for Facebook here, or check out the video below to see HP’s Print Bot in action! And don’t forget to show your printer some love! Keep it loaded up with brand name HP laser printer toner cartridges. HP inks and toners from Toner Buzz deliver the sharpest, clearest social media prints!

HP Print Bot video

Rob Errera

Rob Errera

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